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Surveillance is widespread, spanning a wide range of industries and commercial enterprises. We can identify each client’s needs with the use of a surveillance system in a commercial or residential property. Some criteria are listed here, such as Keeping an eye on your employees and cash registers is a must. Your property will be safe at all times, and movement will be restricted. Screening in a high-risk area, for example. Preventing shoplifting and keeping an eye on vandalism Keeping an eye on any unwelcome visitors that may be lurking around your house.

What we offer

Max technologies’ intelligent video surveillance system includes IP video surveillance as well as Video Analytics software.  Video analytics delivers data that tracks the movement of people and vehicles, allowing end users to gain a better understanding of their operations and potential revenue prospects.

Max technologies also offers a system for counting persons and vehicles entering and exiting a video scene in real time. The ability to track persons entering a target zone and how long they stay in the area is one of two cutting-edge analytics algorithms. This information can help firms improve the design, use, and efficiency of their operations.