Security threats exist for businesses of all sizes, and they must respond quickly with finite IT resources. Every day, new threats emerge, while at the same time, the desire for more open access to data resources and applications is skyrocketing. This necessitates the creation of a smart, multi-technology security cover across the organization’s network perimeter in order to protect data from existing risks as well as zero-day assaults by strengthening their network security.


Legislation, a distinct consumer base, and your production and transaction environment will all influence your security requirements, which will vary depending on your industry. Max Technologies provide a range of services to meet your requirements


  1. NMS, logging, and event correlation solutions for managing and continually monitoring the security posture of an organization.
  2. Vulnerability assessment — Identifying and repairing security flaws in your network by analyzing and scrutinizing it from the perspective of an invader.
  3. Secure site-to-site access via the internet using IPSEC VPN solutions.
  4. Our monitoring and attack response systems/services will keep your business network secure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.