Building management systems

Building management systems are an important part of every data center. It’s a type of infrastructure control system that’s put in place to make buildings more safe and reliable. The system guarantees that operations are handled effectively and safely by allowing for centralized control of infrastructure equipment through an integrated computer-based application. It allows users to manage and monitor operations such as ventilation, lighting, power distribution, fire and security systems, lifts/elevators, and plumbing.

What we offer

Max Technology provides a BMS solution that allows for real-time central monitoring and control of all equipment, including Chillers/Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers, Chilled Water Pumps, Air Handling Units, VAVs, Fresh Air Systems, Fan Coil Units, Water Tanks, Pumps & Sumps, Lighting, Energy Meters, Electrical Systems, Room Control, Sewage Treatment Plant, Plumbing System, and so on. The intelligent BMS guarantees that all system components are in sync, resulting in optimal performance and energy economy.

The data through Field devices and Soft integrators is immediately forwarded to a BMS analytics platform, which provides insights into how energy savings may be achieved.