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Data Availability

Max Technologies offers integrated data services such as enterprise backup, recovery software, appliances, disc to disc backup, de-duplication, e-discovery, and remote data vaulting.

A modern data management system is built on the foundation of backup and recovery. By simplifying the management of data assets, administrators work more efficiently. Our technologies are designed to secure data in every environment, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Max Technologies provide various services for data management.

  • Solutions for backup and recovery

Max Technologies Solutions ensures that your data-dependent applications are up and running at record speed during outages, in addition to backing up and securing data.

  • Data Archive

Relocating data that is no longer actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term keeping is known as data archiving. The rapid growth of data highlights the importance of information systems in a variety of businesses. Enterprise data has evolved into a valuable intangible asset for businesses, but the question of how to manage it effectively and economically remains unresolved. Data archiving solutions can help customers save money by lowering operating expenses, making it easier to find important information, lowering storage costs, and meeting legal requirements.

  • Preventing Data Breach

Max Technologies identifies, monitors, and protects data in use, data in transit, and data on your servers in order to prevent data leakage or loss.

With a centralised management architecture, we assist enterprises in security by offering products and solutions and continuously evaluating the security analysis of each transaction.