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MAKSAT Pluto balances enterprise-scale security, management and Quality of Service features with high performance.

The MAKSAT Pluto Radio, is a any Point to Multipoint and Multipoint-to Multipoint OFDM Radio Bridge Equipment for High Bandwidth connectivity. It has a range of up to 15kms with the integrated antenna and up to 40kms with external antenna.


* Pre Wimax / OFDM 5Mhz & 10Mhz
* 2.192-2.99Ghz, 4.9-6.1Ghz
* Any Point to Any Point and Multipoint to Multipoint.
* IP Routing
* OLSR & Static
* Ultra Secure Wireless 256 bit AES, WPA and WPA2 encryption, Security, VPN and firewall
* GUI, Telnet, SSH
* QOS with Traffic Shaping
* Watch Dog Timer
* Sensitivity of (-) 105 XR Rate (Best in the Industry)
* Transmit Power Control
* Pluto with 3G backhaul also available

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