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GSM Repeater

GSM900/DCS1800 Dual Band Combined Repeater

Typical Application

The MAKSAT GSMA REPEATER is idea for indoor coverage extension applied to GSM900/DCS1800 cellular communication systems.

General Description

The MAKSAT GSMA REPEATER is a GSM900/DCS1800 dual cellular band combined repeater. The MAKSAT GSMA REPEATER can boost signal up to 60dB and drive RF output power up to 27dBm per single carrier. The volume is very compactly and can reduce a lot of installation space. It’s a very effective and cost efficiency solution for indoor coverage application. The gain can be controlled by dip switch manually in each up-link and down-link path. To reduce system risk, there are two individual DC power supply units inside. And two power switches control each system also.

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